Helping brands build the foundation for
a successful business on Amazon.


Lift Sales & Marketing is proud to be an Amazon Advertising Partner

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Lift Sales & Marketing supports brands in any size from start-ups to large CPGs.  Our team draws from multiple years of experience working at Amazon, agencies, and inhouse roles to gain insight into best practices by category.  We listen to brands needs and establish KPI's to ensure our clients goals are achieved.


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Businesses are built atop strong foundations.

Solidify basics before scaling scope with marketing initiatives.

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Angela Liu

CEO at Crispy Green

"Colleen Caso’s insights on Amazon and the strong marketing team that she put together have helped grow our business year over year strategically and profitably."


Julie Chamberlain

General Manager at SweetSpot Labs

"I highly recommend the team at Lift if you’re looking to seize the potential of Amazon with a full service partner who will truly partner with you to achieve short term and sustained growth. In the 6 months I have been working with them, we have grown the business over 70% since June 2020 to June 2021."

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Cherie Jackson

CEO & Co-owner at Tino Kai LLC

"Choosing to partner with Colleen and her team prior to our launch has led to annualized sales of $1M in just three years"