Colleen Caso, Principal & Founder


Colleen draws from 15 years of retail experience with brick and mortar giants Nordstrom and Macy’s, and notably in eCommerce for start-ups and global retailers such as zulily, Bag Borrow or Steal, and Amazon. She created Lift Sales & Marketing to provide manufacturers with effective eCommerce solutions. Through sound strategic plans and a diverse tool set, Colleen has driven brand awareness and increase sales for many brands in the grocery and wellness categories. Today, Lift Sales & Marketing has helped clients achieve a robust online retail presence leading to stronger revenue and sustainable year-over-year growth under her direction. Contact Colleen

Bobby Lambrix, Digital Marketing Manager

Primarily responsible for digital advertising and content marketing at Lift, Bobby brings over a decade of experience in strategic communications to the agency. He has worked in retail, health care, manufacturing, transportation, and research sectors. Bobby is skilled in writing for SEO, media relations, content creation, brand identity and advertising.

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