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Making impressions among key audiences elevates brand awareness, drives consideration and initiates conversions. Using a diverse set of advertising tools and promotional products, the Lift team can implement advertising strategies into successful campaigns across a variety of platforms.

Sponsored Products

Showcase your products within search results and on product listings to potential customers searching for your type of product. Target competing products to gain market share and build your authority as a brand.



Sponsored Brands

Drive traffic to your Amazon store or advertise multiple products within a single ad. Utilize attention-grabbing video ads to capture shoppers and drive conversions.




Sponsored Display

A newer, versatile way to advertise your products. Remarket your products to previous viewers, target potential customers based on their interests, and expand your brand awareness both on and off Amazon.





For many young brands and websites, building credibility and search rank can be a slow, uphill pursuit. However, by leveraging brand and product keywords from top pages, search advertising can elevate the position of your site atop search results.




Search results have expanded beyond text alone, and shopping results are quickly earning valuable positions. Shopping ads elevate your product’s position in search results with a simple connection to your catalog. 




Attracting new customers with rich visuals has never been easier to implement. Responsive image sizing, video, and a vast number of placement options, display advertising is a key component to any digital advertising portfolio.






Since their inception, social media platforms have evolved into essential communication tools for any brand. Along with ecommerce support, Lift can assist with implementing ads on leading platforms such as:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • TikTok

  • SnapChat

Amazon Advertising

Google Ads

Social Media Advertising

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