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We begin by taking it back to the basics and doing a brand audit of your catalog. Our goal is to highlight the benefits of your brand and products to help customers discover, consider, purchase, and build brand loyalty. At each stage of a customer’s purchase journey are numerous opportunities to improve the sales initiative. We’re here to help.


This process includes:


  • Review of brand and competitor listings 

  • Uses of third party tools on product detail pages for additional keyword identification 

  • Review of pack sizes, bundles and other sales options to aid profitability and conversions. 

  • Creation and implementation of a merchandising plan

  • Optimized advertising efficiency

  • Report monthly on key performance indicators



Building a strong foundation is key to growing an eCommerce business.  Including robust content in product titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and keywords will enable better product search rank which will yield increased sales. 


In addition to strong copy, images and video play a key role in educating the customer. The more time spent researching products online, the greater the chance for conversion.  Consider A+ content as well as videos to add more information about products.













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Foundational Brand & Product Content

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