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Grocery Category Snack Brand


Achieved over 220% year over year overall sales growth in just 5 months during 2021.

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Year-over-year advertising growth has occurred while maintaining a profitable ACOS.

Frooze Balls Brand Details

Frooze Balls specializes in making deliciously nutritious energy balls.  Jeremy Dixon created these vegan healthy snacks for his cafe in New Zealand and quickly realized there was an opportunity for broader distribution.  Frooze Balls are plant-based with wholesome ingredients including nut butter, raw dates, raisins, sunflower seeds, coconut and peanuts.

After partnering with Lift Sales & Marketing in August of 2016, Frooze Balls launched on, which was the first US retailer to have the product.  Over the years there have been multiple updates to products and packaging to focus on top selling flavors and sustainability.



Frooze Balls launched on Amazon with a variety of flavors and quickly had a following but there were untapped growth opportunities.  Our team continued to utilize the limited funding and resources to create brand awareness, but the snack category is very saturated.  We needed more resources to be able to grow the brand by double digits month over month.

Also, as with many growing brands, Frooze Balls consistently experienced challenges with their supply chain which impacted repeat purchases and overall sales increases.


After making foundational adjustments to the product pages and working on supply chain efforts, Frooze Balls began to see consistent increases in page views, sessions, and conversions.  Once these changes were made, the team then partnered with influencers to further drive their business which has made a significant impact on the brand performance not only during the promotional events but as a halo effect afterward.

  • Analyzed competitive products and search term data to assist discoverability

  • Revised content to highlight product benefits

  • Proactively increased marketing and advertising budget

  • Engaged with influencers and bloggers as per recommendation to boost awareness

  • Implemented processes for supply chain preparedness

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