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Health and Personal Care Brand


SeabuckWonders maintains the #1 organic search result for sea buckthorn items.

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Ordered Revenue

Year-over-year advertising growth has occurred while maintaining a profitable ACOS.

Total ordered revenue increased 10% in 2019, 61% in 2020, and 31% in 2021 YTD.


SeabuckWonders Brand Details

SeabuckWonders was the first company to introduce sea buckthorn to United States consumers back in 1994. Though most people in North America had never heard of sea buckthorn back then, it didn’t take us long to win over our first group of satisfied customers. With over 20 years of experience, SeabuckWonders prides themselves on producing the highest quality sea buckthorn products in the world.

SeabuckWonders maintains the highest of standards for all of our products by using only pure Himalayan, USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn berries. This high standard ensures our customers consistent quality whenever they reach for the SeabuckWonders name.


SeabuckWonders has been offering products on Amazon for nearly 10 years and continues to be one of the top Sea Buckthorn brands. Multiple brands challenge SeabuckWonders Amazon’s Choice badges as the top products for their category.  Focusing on the challenges of growing the SeabuckWonders Amazon business and increasing competition within the category, Lift Sales & Marketing created a diverse marketing strategy that focused on sharing the new and emerging products to both existing and new customers.  

In reviewing the category and subcategory opportunities, Lift and SeabuckWonders identified the need for additional size offerings of products to engage with new customers in the category as well as obtain market-share from competitors by offering larger count items for less.  This will not only fill the gap in assortment but will also help advertising and sales efforts with additional offerings.


Over the years, SeabuckWonders has evolved their marketing initiatives in order to increase brand awareness, market-share, and conversions. With our continued support over the past 5 years, Lift Sales & Marketing has utilized multiple tools to view the category landscape and quickly adopted beta offerings from Amazon.  

Setting up sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display campaigns, focusing on multiple ASINs supported the KPIs discussed for growing the business.  Sponsored Product ads assisted efforts to grow awareness for the brand and category while Sponsored Brand ads were implemented to help defend branded shopping as well as cross-product awareness.  Sponsored Display ads targeted product detail pages of similar items finding new customers.

Ongoing review of performance and analytics allowed Lift Sales & Marketing to determine efficiency of our ad efforts and pivot as needed based on seasonality and catalog changes.


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