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Lift Sales & Marketing assists brands in any stage of their business with key areas of service.



We begin by taking it back to the basics and doing a brand audit of your catalog. Our goal is to highlight the benefits of your products and help grow your Amazon business. We will create recommendations for eCommerce friendly pack sizes which helps profitability and conversions. Our team reviews competitor listings and uses third party tools to gain insight into additional content we could add to the product detail pages to allow for greater discoverability.  We then create and implement a merchandising plan, continue to optimize advertising efficiency, and report monthly on KPI's.


We want your business to thrive, so we are here for you every step of the way. Lift acts as the right hand to businesses and will work from A-Z on all Amazon details you might need help with in order to grow your business.  This lets you focus on increasing your omnichannel presence while we take care of the nitty-gritty Amazon details.



Our ongoing administrative support assists businesses in all areas of the Amazon business from catalog maintenance to shipping. We will comprehensively train your team on the Amazon systems and communicate with Amazon internally in order to provide swift resolution to a problem. 


You want your products to easily be found when customers search online. That's where our expertise comes in. Lift your brand awareness with our content marketing services including copywriting for search engine optimization, metadata enhancements, email and social media distribution. Our team can guide proven strategies for driving traffic and conversions on your site. 

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