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We know that getting products to market is a task in itself. Cataloging those products can be another task entirely. To ensure that all products have appropriate images, descriptions, prices, SKU numbers, and a myriad of additional details, LIFT acts as the right hand to businesses for operational support. 


Our Sales Channel Services Include:








We work from A-Z on all Amazon details you might need help with in order to grow your business, as well as assist with any other cataloging needs a brand may require for omnichannel sales success.


  • Vendor Central and Seller Central 

  • Logistics

  • Inventory

  • Our ongoing administrative support assists businesses in all areas of the Amazon marketplace from catalog maintenance to shipping. We will comprehensively train your team on the Amazon systems and communicate with Amazon internally in order to provide swift resolution to any problems.




In addition to Amazon, we also prioritize building and optimization of owned sites through Shopify, where brands can directly control content and order information to have direct contact with customers. In many instances, we find that this arrangement allows brands to hold onto competitive margins as well. 

  • App recommendations

  • Site design and speed

  • Product listings and metadata



Google’s business services are ever-expanding and offer a variety of tools to showcase products and brand information to users whenever they might need it. 


  • Shopping

  • Merchant Center

  • Location-based inventory

  • Maps 


Social Platforms


Social media channels deliver a rich brand experience for customers. They also enable users to shop for products and make purchases without ever leaving the application. Lift can help expedite the connection between your product catalog and inventory with your social accounts on the following channels:


  • Facebook & Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

  • SnapChat

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Social Platforms

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